Gunther Grant, Inc.

Sunday July 20th

Since July 18th, My plans have changed after lengthy phone discussions.

I have been invited to a meeting in Northern California next week so I will be leaving Vegas and fly to California than fly home from there (on or around the 29th or 30th). I will be discussing some opportunities for GNGR that have been proposed to me after numerous phone meetings some lasting 2 hours over the past few days. I like what I hear so far and this meeting is to look over the details and meet the group I have been talking to and tour the area and facilities. I will be allowed to take pictures and video so I am bringing my media kit. This group I am meeting consists of various people who each represent a specific part of a larger company that had sales last year of $30 million and they are looking to double that quickly. The group now needs the Vortex machines, Mold making capabilities, fudge and chocolate production (which they know nothing about) and other ideas I talked about, and they also want to be part of a public entity without doing an IPO or taking the time and steps to go public by themselves. They stated they could buy a shell company and go public but the fact GNGR brings to the table much more than a public entity is the key factor.

NOTE: They found GNGR when we listed the VORTEX on ebay after they unsuccessfully searched for a chocolate processing unit and have found the VORTEX to be a key component for their ideas. Currently the parent company is a leader in the production of equipment in a specific market (ill name them once I get approval etc.) their sales were just under $30,000,000 and they want to add the Vortex as part of their line they are already in production with.

With great interest in going public and being an already successful company with new ideas that will be discussed, This may be the fit for GNGR that will benefit all. we would also have a new board of about 8 key members each with specific duties and abilities. GNGR will provide the public entity, Mold production, Vortex production, Packaging and new product development.

I mentioned that I have existing share holders and will not entertain any reverse merger that causes dilution or action that makes our current situation worse for the GNGR share holders (including me) remember that GNGR principles are equally sharing this current situation. During our discussion I came up with a solution that would bring all elements they provide to GNGR as a subsidiary of each of the respective companies involved. I further said this will be best for everyone. This means that GNGR will be just as we are now but with input from each involved creating a new line of equipment and products. Each person and company involved will contribute to GNGRs company the needed ingredients (products, equipment, management, marketing etc.) to obtain the same goals with out the need for a reverse merger, each person will be an advisory member of GNGRs board. This would be best to protect ALL GNGR share holders and each new board member as well, and also allow us to achieve the same goals if we did reverse merge but with out the hassles.

Reversing GNGR into Vortex may be an option to clean the slate as a new entity but that will also be looked into.

In Vegas I will be visiting some locations owned by marketing groups and possibly use that facility to display and market the Vortex from. We have an office already set up in Vegas and this marketing company would also help with sales on the west coast than ill be off to California's silicon valley. Before I make any decisions or agree to any exclusivity in Vegas I will meet with those in California first.

July 18th 2014

Upon my return from Las Vegas where GNGR is setting up a location for business and sales, I will be sitting down with advisors and accountants to create a punch list of what needs to be done in order of importance.

Many are awaiting some PR Newswire releases and GNGR is also just as anxious to say the least. Before GNGR issue any national newswire PR, GNGR needs to complete some final tasks and make some important decisions. Some of those decisions are based on the outcome of what is best for the company and GNGR shareholders.

They are:
- Reducing the share structure (board members and authorized but not issued shares only)
- Looking into what and who GNGR decides to work with to expand the business 
- reviewing reverse merger options
- Eliminating various items or products that have been holding back our growth
- Focusing on what works
- Reviewing the never ending changes to the SEC rules of which some will benefit GNGR
- Assembling a new business team so that the current GNGR ceo can focus on products and production

Meetings in Las Vegas are scheduled as well as with some possible working partners from California.

As of today June 11th 2014, our share structure has remained the same since we last posted the structure back in January. No shares have been sold by the CEO, President or any board or advisory members. We are contining to discuss ways to reduce our share structure with out doing a reverse split.
Share Structure as of June 11th 2014
Shares Outstanding 1,193,812,911 a/o Jan 24, 2014
Float 108,553,765 a/o Jan 24, 2014
Authorized Shares 4,500,000,000 a/o Jan 24, 2014

Welcome to Gunther Grant, Inc. stock ticker symbol GNGR

What our company does
Manufacturing products for the retail and wholesale markets which includes:

Retail chocolate and confection products:
Fudge, Bars, Specialty gourmet items, salted chocolate oysters, pickles and more.

Corporate ad specialty incentives
Custom molds, corporate incentives and product replication.