Gunther Grant, Inc. is a publicly traded  company under the stock symbol GNGR.

Gunther Grant, inc. (GNGR) has over the years developed various mold technologies, product design and production methods used in all forms of manufacturing and casting.  Just about every medium including but not limited to:

Gunther Grant, Inc. Started out as a full service production and manufacturing facility and has only recently elected to license out the mold and design technologies to companies that can benefit by GNGR's superior ability to make more marketable products with better detail which will generate greater sales volume for licensees.  GNGR will not be affiliated with any licensee other than receiving payments for quartelry licensing fees and supplies purchased by licensees from GNGR to produce the various molds. Increase in licensing fees will be based on the volume of materials purchased from GNGR to make the molds by licensees.

The license agreement also allows GNGR to have first rights to market any items produced by Licensees. GNGR does not have to inventory or produce any products chosen to be marketed. GNGR will simply list items on e-commerce websites such as, ebay, Etsy or websites created by GNGR. All products will be drop shipped by licensees and a commission of 40% of the selling price of items marketed by GNGR will be paid directly to GNGR by licensees. Normally, wholesale prices are 50%. A reduction of 10% will be in exchange for the licensees to drop ship for GNGR. This will eliminate GNGR from having to tie up cash by purchasing and warehousing inventory.

Because there are so many products that can be made using GNGR's mold technology, GNGR could not operate a facility with dozens of those products with some being food related and others non food related under the same roof. GNGR would need separate facilities at tremendous costs.

By licensing out the mold technology to new and existing companies who already have facilities geared to their product lines, GNGR can effectively generate the same 40% gross profits; the same as if GNGR were to manufacture the products ourselves.  The difference is, GNGR will not need any costly facilities or labor costs. By reducing our overhead by as much as 97%, GNGR can finally show sales with much higher net profits by having licensees cover the burden of overhead, labor, drop shipping and costly facilities. GNGR will only license the technology to companies that are owned and operated here in the USA.

By eliminating our rent, overhead, labor and other costs, GNGR can be 100% profitable without ever having to post losses, even if no sales are made for a specific time due to items only being available during holidays or specific events. Licensing fees will continue to be paid while licensees manufacture inventory.

Gunther Grant will assist in training and consult with any licensee and assist in new ways to manufacture if our help is required. GNGR will also have first rights to ownership of any licensees company in the event they choose to sell or seek out a working partner.

Gunther Grant will also be creating and marketing our own line of products and have one or more of our licensees fulfill production.

  • Chocolate and confection plastic mold design and production
  • Soap and candle silicone rubber high definition mold design and production
  • Precious metal master mold design and production
  • Plastic and resin master mold design and production