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Although there are images of our chocolates on this website, GNGR is moving ahead with just FUDGE at this time (see fudge tab) I put images of our other items to show some that have expressed interest in our company and to show our ability as well.

Fudge ONLY production has started. 100% of the focus will be one item to one market so that all efforts are to make this a winning mass market item. I have mentioned to many that after a long battle with trying to satisfy everyone all the time, I now know why the phrase "you can't please everyone" makes perfect sense.

We will sort though the various purchase orders from those who said they ordered and did not receive items with what looks to be about $80 in total orders that were not delivered. $80? many posts I read made it seem like $80,000,000.

When our fudge first went into 7-11 as a test and we posted that, keep in mind that 7-11's have the approval to buy items from local merchants that do NOT have to be approved or purchased through the 7-11 corporation. That means that YES we were in 7-11 (before nestle had us change the label) but 7-11 corporate did not know this. When I posted we were in 7-11, that was a fact and still is but corporate would deny they know us. We were in 7-11 but 7-11 corporate did not know it.

For now our best ally is our team going direct with products to each store. Because 7-11's as so close and there are so many, a sales rep will not have to drive far to visit many during each day. Each sales rep will also go to Delis as well being there are so many, if not more in an area there may only be one 7-11.

I will not advise anyone what to do but I will say this: If all the people who hate GNGR who say they can take a loss on our stock and buy another stock with enough potential to not only make up the loss but also a significant profit, I say GO FOR IT! why waste your time here.

If someone paid $.10 cents for our stock and its now worth $.003 and you can take that $.003 and buy that $.0001 stock that states they could hit $1.00! why not take that super huge return? just watch out for these words: Intent and Possibly! because that means they won't.

we don't intend to go into 7-11's, WE ARE! just not through corporate. Keeping in mind, money is money weather we go through corporate or sell direct a sale is a sale. This time no website distractions or $5 for two chocolate pickles sent to Arizona with a cold pack and two day air shipping costing us $23 when we only charge $6 for fixed shipping. That has stopped.

I also have decided to just not post all the good all the time for good reason but my excitement and confidence that GNGR will prevail buy our new structure plus reducing the shares (not a reverse) but authorized as well as those including myself who own a significant amount of stock (principles not those who bought on the open market) will be key to moving ahead with orders and a new share structure.

Once the new sleeves with the 15 fudge minis is finished this week, I will than offer them on the website in the same 15 sleeve packets with shipping calculated to the farthest part of the US as a fixed shipping costs so we DO NOT lose money due to shipping. I am sure a free shipping can be offered on orders for the case of 4 sleeves (60 fudges) but THAT will be addressed when we get first thing done first. And because we will be in full production of the sleeve counter displays we ( I ) won't be side tracked trying to make 2 damn pickles!!! that will happen down the road.

If you are still positive with GNGR, I thank you and if your still wallowing in some bashing (mainly from those who don't own GNGR) but if you do "take a hike" and move onto the new EXPLOSIVE to the MOON stock that will promise a $100 investment will turn into $500,000.

FYI: companies that sell shares for $.0005 sell 20 billion shares and raise $10,000,000 CASH and than vanish. BUT those who purchased a whopping! 2,000,000 shares for $1000 who think at $1.00 they will have $2,000,000, will never sue the company that sold those shares because it would cost $5000 to sue to get back $1000 PLUS the investment was in a company that said they INTEND to find gold etc. So you can't sue a company that states, they intend but may not (and didn't)

GNGR is not and never was an INTEND company. But being a real company with proven sales and a new goal we will show what we are made of by actions and sales not news of great things before they happen even though valid.

If some invested $.05 in GNGR and can sell for $.002 and buy 20 shares of a "TOO THE MOON" company at $.0001 and they rise to above $.05 as many state they MAY. Than 20 shares x $.05 is $1.00 far more then the $.05 purchased for GNRG shares. RIGHT!

Do I believe or think GNGR will rise? I legally can't state that but what I can state is: Does any stock from a valid company have a better chance going from $.0035 to $.35 (a 100 x's increase) more than let say Apple shares for $98 per share and have it rise to $9800 per share being that its the same % rise?

YES I believe any stock has the ability to rise faster and easier if the price is low enough to have the increase still be a small price. That is why the stocks that sell shares for $.0001 have an easier time going to $.01 (same 100 x's increase) than as stock that is $98 going to $9800.

To put that into a simple dollar for dollar comparison:

if you have $1000 and your goal is to turn that $1000 into $20,000 (a 20 x's increase) would anyone purchase apple at $98 (ten shares) and know that to make that $20,000 profit, Apple would have to be at $2100 per share.
- or-
If you invested the same $1000 for a $.0005 per share stock (2,000,000 shares) it would only have to rise to $.01 cent to make $20,000 (same 20 x's increase).

For this reason no one is buying Apple shares other than to say they own Apple stock. Anyone investing to make $20,000 gains on Apple now with the stock rising $5 per share in the next 6 months would have to shell out $20,000 divided into $5 is 4000 means you would have to buy 4000 shares now at $98 ($392,000) to make $20,000. But people just don't have that kind of money and because people want to make more for less is why they gravitate to the pink sheets.

Because there are more people with $1000 than $392,000 who want to make the same $20,000, there is always a new hot stock that will do just that for far less per share, you just have to buy more of those shares and people do just that as well. The reason there are so many scams is because there are tens of millions of people who will risk $1000 many times over and over trying to find the elusive TRUE winner. But even so, for each $1000 lost you have to not have that happen to many times because it will have to be subtracted from any winners you may find and decrease your profits based on many of the losses.

A relative of mine went to the meadowlands horse races and I said to her "how did you do" she replied " I WON" I said wow how much, she replied she bet $50 on the last race and the horse paid out $150 (something like that) I said what about the first 7 races? She replied she bet $10, $10, $40, $40, $25, $35 and $20 on the first 7 races but lost. I said that totals $180 and you won back $150 on the last race so your down $30! so how is that winning? for heavens sake.

So as it seems that stocks are like horse races with many losses and few winners and even if you do find a winner the losers are usually not calculated. I cant say much for why am doing with fudge and chocolate, but the market is strong for candy and fudge (recession or not) the market from consumers is strong.

What was NOT strong was my ability to stop and focus and pick the one proven seller over all these years and that time is now. I will post the locations we will be in so anyone who wants to buy a fudge can do so at those locations. Once a significant distribution is established I will than and ONLY than introduce some new items to locations. I will still do the casino bars and some other ASI orders because they are significant in size.

Other than that I have to get going the gorgeous Wednesday and GET THINGS IN GEAR!

CEO Gunther Grant, Inc.

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