Gunther Grant, Inc.

Gunther Grant will be making some changes to it's operations. The chocolate production location which is no longer located in sayville due to the building being sold has been re-set up in Nassau county about 25 minutes from the Sayville location and we are in production at this time filling orders for various casinos and other clients. The new location will not be made public at this time.

We have also changed the name of the VORTEX kettle to a new name that will be sold directly through the company and through resellers who sell various food and candy making supplies. These resellers will not be distributors and wont need to be mentioned to the public as associates of GNGR.

Gunther Grant will not be posting any information regarding the kettles, chocolate, other equipment, or any other holdings GNGR has or will have. GNGR will simply be a holding company that owns various smaller companies or percentage of companies. Any information requests can be sent to our PO BOX or email below.

Gunther Grant, Inc
PO Box 269 Oakdale, NY 11769