Gunther Grant, Inc.


We retrieved the shareholder list and of course "not" to my surprise I see some only have 1 share of GNGR in their account. I will be sending out the news and updates hopefully this week to almost all registered shareholders of record and not post anymore data on GNGRs website other than what our products are and what we do. This will be the best way to move forward.



Monday March 2, 2015

I have chosen to issue news only to shareholders on the list we are retrieving from the transfer agent and not posting them publicly for everyone's benefit.

Over 400 companies were delisted and not GNGR? because we are a real company.

Some of the documents I send to shareholders by mail will included a massive marketing campaign as that was GNGR's ONLY issue, not products, not the ability to sell and certainly not the issue of being able to lead in our industry. We just lacked marketing (not stock promotions) but internet exposure, PR firms issuing articles about our items, trade shows and industry publications. Part of the data was that we spoke to a PR company that would get our story out to the masses. We would than operate with a focus on internet sales which are pre paid and are self financing retail orders.

GNGR Moving forward

  • GNGR, unlike most companies, never raised millions on unproven or high cost ideas that post hefty losses with little sales. GNGR never raised that capital and therefore has no losses and still managed to remain operating and filling orders and will continue to do so as we move forward.
  • We are making head way with some self marketing but we need to hire some professional PR firms (not stock promoters)
  • Our tradable float still remains very low at 108,553,765

I will post when the letters and news release will be mailed so only shareholders of record will receive it.